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Who all are eligible for purchase of duty free drinks?

Following Category are Eligible for Duty Free Drinks.

  1. Executives/Specialist of Civil Servants
  2.  Member of Parliament and National Council Members.
  3. Drangpons of Judiciary
  4. Arms Force personnel above Rank of Lt. Colonel
  5. Head of Constitutional Office and Attorney General
  6. Head of International Agency
  7. Chairperson, Royal Privy Council
  8. Five eminent Lopens of Zhung Dratshang
  9. Compliants/Highest Personal Income Taxpayers
  10. Indian Military Officers(IMTART and GREF)
  11. Honorary Consuls of Foreign Countries

What about Paro airport duty free shop?

All Air passenger can purchase our product on producing pass port book with limit of 2L per person ( including departure and arrival passenger)

How about Customer without Card ?

All Customer can buy from duty free shop as long as they pay full duty rate.